​Dear Mr. Ortwein,

Now that the addition is complete we just wanted to tell you what an excellent and competent job you and the other guys have done.

After all the ribbing and hard times we gave you we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the fine work and superior workmanship you and your men did and all the extra effort on things "beyond the call of duty" we came up with along the way.

It's been a sincere pleasure working with you all and I know I'll miss your smiling faces every morning. You came to this job as strangers (at least to me) and left as friends. As Ken put it one morning - "I feel like a part of the family!"

Thanks to all of you - if I hear of anyone that needs some remodeling I won't hesitate to recommend you highly.

We hope to see all of you on Jan. 11.

Jim & Cheryl Wherle 10/10/85

P.S. It turned out so neat I can hardly believe I live here and I'm not at a Holiday Inn or some resort!


(513) 574​-4080