Dear Roger,

We both want to thank you for the candy, which we enjoyed and the thermometer, which we are still enjoying.

Enclosed are a couple of pictures of before and after. We are so proud of our house now that it has a finished look. We have received so many compliments on the excellent work. Thanks to you and your crew, the job was great. You all make us happy.

Marge and Tom Reinhardt                            1/03/06

Couldn’t have done it without the good help and advice of Joe, Terry, Greg and even quiet George! You have a great bunch of guys!

John and Mary Morbitzer                            3/13/06

Gail Sabato and Gwen Hoeting (daughters) had such a great experience! We love the bathroom and give tours often.

Jim and Pat Enright                                6/1/06

You did some work for my daughter, it was excellent. Thanks for help with this project.

Lou & Gloria Fischer                                6/19/06

We are delighted to be a repeat customer for the third time.

Bob and Sharon Hamp                                6/20/06

I have used Ortwein previously and have been very satisfied.

Mary Ann Hines                                    7/10/06

Roger made me feel comfortable with the company. Thanx Loads! I love my kitchen!

Lisa Diener                                    7/15/06

Good reputation and good standing with BBB.

Peter and Jane Outcall                            11/30/06

Outstanding quality work, versatile services. I believe in Roger! I only use Roger! Thanks so much for prompt response to my “emergency”. I was amazed at your speed!

Bob and Janet Albright                            9/18/06

Dear Roger,

We want to thank you and the team (Joe, John, Terry) for the wonderful “new house” we’re now enjoying! Joe and John did an excellent job in not-so-easy conditions.... Always very professional and courteous. They were also extremely patient with our (Donna’s) little add on items and trouble with making all those decisions!

We will definitely recommend Ortwein and will give you a call for future projects.

We’ve received so many compliments on the house - we didn't realize so many people knew where we lived!

Thanks again,

Jack & Donna Weber                                10/06/06

We chose Ortwein because of the reasonable estimate, appearance of easy to work with, local company and best of three companies interviewed.

The whole team was great to work with from start to finish. We were particularly impressed with Joe.
Tim and Lori Rodgers                                12/26/06​


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