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Does the remodeler...

  • Offer professional design capabilities?
  • Restrict you to their showroom or can they refer you to many showrooms and suppliers?
  • Specialize in your local area or work throughout the city?
  • Have a reputation of paying bills on time?
  • Have their own office building?
  • Use contracts written in simple clear language?
  • Carry Workmen's Compensation and Liability insurance?
  • Try to be a jack of all trades or do they hire professional subcontractors?
  • Use top grade materials?
  • Provide letters of recommendation and past jobs from past customers?
  • Give assurances of a start and a completion date?
  • Have several lead carpenters or is everything dependent on one person?
  • Have at least a 10 year track record doing only residential remodeling?
  • Provide plans and permits when needed?